Organize & Revitalize offers organizing services for:

  • Moving into a new home or apartment
  • Relocation from one home to another home

The following general steps are utilized to make your move as orderly and hassle-free as possible.

Step 1: Initial Consultation Meeting

This brief meeting, conducted in your existing or new home, is FREE of charge.  During this meeting, we will review and discuss your organization needs and personal goals.  From this, an action plan can be developed for how to best organize your move.

Step 2: The Work Sessions

Based upon your needs, Organize & Revitalize can help in a variety of ways with your move.  Services include help in staging your current house to get it clutter-free and ready to sell, assistance before the move to sort and pack in an orderly fashion, assistance with organizing movers or other packers, and/or help with unpacking after the move.   Work sessions will be set up to provide hands-on assistance at times most convenient for you.

Step 3: Systems Development

Upon moving in to your new home, Organize & Revitalize will create personalized organizational solutions where all of your moved items will be incorporated into your living space.  Systems will be developed so that you can readily locate, use and store your belongings.  Integrating concepts of interior design and space management, Organize & Revitalize will help you achieve a home that is not only organized but also aesthetically pleasing. 


Organize & Revitalize
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