For the home office and bill paying/important documents center in your home, Organize & Revitalize can help you manage your paperwork flow both effectively and efficiently.

Similar to the process outlined under Home Organizing Services, Organize & Revitalize uses a three-step method to help you achieve the organized workspace you desire.

Step 1: Initial Consultation Meeting

This brief meeting, conducted in your home, is FREE of charge. During this meeting, we will review your work space and discuss your organization needs and personal goals. From this, an action plan can be developed for how to best organize your space.

Step 2: The Work Sessions

Based upon your individual needs, one or more work sessions will be set up to tackle the clutter. If desired, Organize & Revitalize can provide hands-on assistance to help you through this step.

Step 3: Systems Development

Organize & Revitalize will create personalized organizational solutions to meet your needs, including establishment of filing systems (both paper and electronic), paper flow management, tracking systems, etc.  Solutions will be developed so that you can quickly access important documents, files, and bills when you need them. 





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